Friday, October 29, 2010

Infidèles (Unfaithful)/Claude Pérès

ABOUT: "Director Claude Pérès takes viewers on a haunting journey with this groundbreaking drama. 

The premise is simple: Pérès and a man he's never met will sleep together while the cameras roll. No contract, no film crew, no boundaries. The end result is a film that challenges viewers to look into the heart of human desire.

There’s palpable tension as "the director" (Pérès) and "the actor" engage in conversation and gradually give in to the film’s unusual and unpredictable scenario. Pérès loosely structures the encounter as an interview in which he poses piercing questions to his onscreen lover, himself, and the audience. 

It’s is the kind of film that seeps into the viewers’ subconscious and rattles their comfort levels. 

After watching Unfaithful, audiences will never look at cinema the same way again."


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