Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Uliisses/Werner Nekes

ABOUT: Werner Nekes, born on April 29 1944 in Erfurt.
In November 1967 Nekes comes to Hamburg with Dore 0., whom he marries the following month. Co-founder of the Filmemacher-Cooperative and of the Hamburger Filmschau. Film events in his apartment, Brüderstraße 5. Film seminars and retrospectives in various European cities...

ULIISSES: 1982, 35/16 mm, color, 94 min., English/German dialogue
"Nekes' films derive from and thrive on Art, set light, color, man and music in estranging motion and show disconcerting, stimulating possibilities for play. It is in experiments such as these that the language of film is developed." (Brigitte Jeremias, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Oct. 14,1982)

"It is not easy to animate poetry visually since the fascinating Power of the imagination is all too easily numbed by pictures. Nevertheless, Uliisses is a masterpiece." (Doris J. Heinze, Oct. 1982)

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